Enjoying A Cleaner Environment

Three Reasons Why Your Sewer Line Should Be Cleared, Flushed, And Cleaned Annually

Restaurant sewer lines fill up with all kinds of gunk over time. To combat the difficulties that arise from the mess that gets stuck in the sewer lines, sewer cleaning companies come out to clean out this mess regularly. If you are not cleaning your restaurant's sewer lines, you should get started right away. These sewer lines need to be cleared, flushed, and cleaned at least annually. Here is why.

‚ÄčAnimal Fats

Animal fats do not go down a drain very well. You have to run very hot water continuously down the drain to prevent the fats from cooling and solidifying. That is not something your kitchen staff can do as they are running about, preparing food, cooking it, and plating it. Subsequently, the liquid animal fats that are either poured intentionally down kitchen drains or accidentally as a result of washing the greasy pans causes that grease to accumulate in sewer pipes below. That is just part of the mess that clogs the lines and creates major problems.

Plumbing Problems

After animal fats and a host of other wastes collect in the pipes, they begin to block off the pipes. The more they block off the pipes, the slower the water runs from restaurant drains. The slower the water drains, the more backed-up the sinks and all of the other plumbing in the restaurant becomes. Eventually, you have sinks with tons of fetid standing water, toilets that overflow and/or will not flush properly, and bathroom sinks that are full of standing water as well. Now you have a lot of plumbing issues that need attention, but the sewer cleaning is still needed to prevent these issues from occurring again.


When you have sewers that are thick with grease, waste, hair, skin cells, skin bits, etc., it does not take too long before the pests that feed on this muck start crawling in in spades. Rats, followed by cockroaches, find their way into the sewers and the pipes where all of this mess has accumulated. These pests feed on the clogs in the pipes and sewer lines and breed. If your sewer lines are left in this disgusting state long enough, some of those pests, like the cockroaches, will find their way all the way back into your restaurant kitchen, That is definitely not something you want happening, because pests in a restaurant will cause the state inspector to shut down your restaurant in a hurry.